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My WeeMee!

For Christmas this year I got an IPOD touch from my mom.  She has had her own IPOD touch for some time now and had been flashing its brilliance in front of me until I broke down and asked for one for Christmas.  (ok, maybe that’s over dramatized, but what else is new).

What has impressed me the most so far is not the device itself, but the way a whole new world was opened up to me in the form of free apps.  I thought I had been doing the interweb for awhile now, but I feel like I just got schooled in the last week.

Here are my new favorites:

Skype – speaking of baby boomers pushing me to try new technology… Jay’s mom was the ultimate voice of reason when it came to jumping on board with these great tool.  We have not even actually tried it yet, but I already love it!  I made my “WeeME” avatar last night.  The Wee Me program provides you with all kinds of fun digital accessories which amused me for at least 30 minutes.  Jay thought the whole thing was pretty ridiculous and mused that it would be very easy to create video games for girls if all you had to design were pages and pages of accessories.

I’m curious whether or not I will be able to video chat through Skype using my IPOD touch … because if so, than that makes it even cooler than an Iphone!

Pandora Radio – having seen friends referencing Pandora in status updates for a long time now, I was glad to finally get clued in to this very cool site.  I’m just starting to figure it out.  At the moment I am listening to Mavis Staples and loving the concept of a “radio” that you direct to play a certain artist or type of music.  Genius!

In a mostly unrelated development, I also discovered Feedburner, which is how I added the “subscribe by email” feature to this blog.  I have found all kinds of uses for Feedburner at work where I can now repurpose our volunteer opportunity listings on other websites and push content out all over the place!  Weeks like this blow my mind as far as how technology can change the way we communicate and get stuff done.  How cool.

Other apps that I am trying out include: Kayak, Barnes and Noble E-Reader, Google Earth, NPR News, and Starbucks.  Got any suggestions of apps or cool technology I should try?

in particular I am looking for a good way to upload and embed video in a way that does not make the video publicly viewable…


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