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It’s only the opening day of NCVS, but already there have been an outstanding number of volunteers noted and organizational shout outs.  I have met some great volunteer leaders; making new friends and reconnecting with old.  Conference is all about making these connections and re-energizing around service and so far NCVS is meeting its mark.

You can find quotes from the opening plenary on Twitter under #ncvs and can even watch the action at: http://www.volunteeringandservice.org so I will not recap what went on.

2 great off the cuff moments:

  1. Mika Brzezinski calling out “Morning Joe” for dropping F-bombs on live TV
  2. Mo Rocca stumbling over the “Cougar” Kids Club name wondering if it engaged a certain population of older attractive moms.

What I thought might be helpful is a rundown of the people and organizations represented during the plenary as well as a few observations.

First the observations and then the run down after the break.

  • Large for profit companies come across as having a very different understanding of the service movement.  They used different language and seemed to focus on different priorities in addressing social problems.
    • The CEO of JP Morgan Chase used a lot of language that did not resonate with me.  Although I think I support a lot of his overall message, he came across as both defensive and accusatory, defending big business’ role in providing jobs, paying taxes, and providing retirement investments; as well as insisting that organizations use their “brains” and base decisions on “facts” (which to him is the bottom line).  … More on this in a future post.
    • The exception to that is when the company put its community relations person in charge of the talking points (Target).  Laysha Ward connected with me around Target giving back 5% of income, partnering with the school for a library makeover that they really wanted, and having a 3 part strategy towards partnering in the education space including volunteerism, arts, and social services.
    • Ben & Jerry’s also provides a great example of partnering with the social sector in a win-win project.  Scoop it Forward is fun, creative, and uses what Ben & Jerry’s does best (create & market delicious ice creams in inventive flavors) with what VolunteerMatch does best (connect people with opportunities to volunteer).
  • “Morning Joe”, Joe Scarborough, seemed to be the least of a good fit of all of the speakers and moderators.  When he referred to Millennials (my own generation) as “babies” Twitter lit up with great folks like @menista & @ngongang of mobilize.org, @socialcitizen with Case Foundation, and @AtlasCorps speaking up for the role Millennials are already playing in social change.  My major disappointment was that no one actually on the panel put in a plug and spoke up about the huge proportion of the audience that actually are millennials taking a lead in making a difference.

Ok, if you want the run down of organizations/Campaigns that were mentioned in the opening plenary (mentioned, not featured), check it out past the break:



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It’s that time of year again… national conference time!  This will be my third National Conference on Volunteering and Service (NCVS) and I am excited for what is in store.  They have continued to up the stakes and therefore my anticipation meter is through the roof.  Hopefully I am not disappointed.

Since I arrived in New York City early to visit family, I have already begun pre-conference activities.  Yesterday I met up with my peers from NAVPLG (National Association of Volunteer Programs in Local Government). I was reminded of 2 things:  1. I strongly dislike New York… especially Times Square, 2.  It it’s invaluable to have a great group of peers like my buddies from NAVPLG who’ve got your back.  I forgot my wallet at the hotel but was covered and still able to enjoy a dinnner with great company!

This morning I hit the streets early to attend pre-conference sessions for HandsOn Network affiliates and hopefully meet some new folks before the Opening plenary.

Best find of the day: secluded speakers room with computer access!  (I love my speaker badge!)

Finally, speaking of being a speaker….   I am presenting on the Social Media for Social Good Fair session tomorrow from 8:30 am – 10 am at the Mecury Rotunda at the Hilton (3rd floor on your left).  This is a pretty casual session, so feel free to drop by and say hi!  You can preview my presentation here: http://bit.ly/NCVSFB201

I will continue to journal about my conference experience here and will also post pictures when I am able to load them off my camera at the hotel.  You can follow me on http://www.twitter.com/sharontb during the conference.

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