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I have been following the Collaboration Project since Gov 2.0 Camp last year. This is a fascinating undertaking by the National Academy of Public Administration looking at current case studies of Gov 2.0 in action. If you are wondering how to succesfully undertake a paradigm shift in what seems like entrenched bureaucracy, this is the place to go to explore the possibilities.
Recently, the Collaboration Project came out with a white paper examining these issues called Breaking the Failure Cycle: How Collaborative Technologies Can Drive Organizational Change, written by Frank DiGiammarino. A quote from the paper very relevant to what my prof has been saying all semester is, “A hundred thousand front-line employees can not provide the singular vision and leadership required to manage a large bureaucracy, but the experience they bring to bear remains inaccessible to those who are in positions of leadership”.
The paper reviews a few case studies.  In one, he talks about the innovative approach that TSA took, saying that instead of going through a reorganization after 9/11 to improve airport security, the new agency leader chose to transcend the org chart and embrace collaboration.  DiGiammarino ends by reviewing a few best practices for implementing collaborative technology in order to create transformational change.

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