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Well today, Saturday (yes, Saturday…), was our first day back at class for the Spring semester. Our degree program is a cohort model, so we take all of our classes with the same group of people.  With that and the fact that most of our assignments are group projects, we are a very close group.  It was great to see everyone again!

This semester I am taking three courses, Strategic Knowledge Management, Collaborative Technology, and the New Professional as Reflective Practitioner.  I’m a bit excited because this semester we get to step outside the classroom and choose an organization to work with for our group projects.  For the knowledge management course, my group has chosen to approach a local community organization in the hopes that our work will actually be of benefit to an organization that would not normally be able to fund such a project.

This semester we will also be getting into the more technical aspects of our degree program, designing sharepoint sites, wikis, and a virtual work environment.

The hot button words of this semester appear to be “knowing” “conversations” and “collaborate”.


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